Poor signal strength
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I am becoming extremely frustrated with the absurdly poor signal strength in my area. I have no service at my job, so I have to chase a signal outside when I am on the phone with clients (we do not have wifi at my job site), area code there is 63114. And at home, even with Wifi calling enabled, I only have one bar and poor signal strength, area code there is 63074. I am getting text messages several hours after they were sent. I will go to the park, and my service will be unavailable. My phone has become an $800 paperweight. I am paying $100+ a month for Verizon services, and I am able to use my phone 60% of the time. I could be paying Metro PCS $40 a month, likely for better coverage. I need this to be fixed or I am switching THIS WEEK. It is hurting my livelihood. Unacceptable.

Re: Poor signal strength
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Reliable service is a must and we are here to help with any service concerns. Please elaborate more to be on the same page. When did you first notice these particular service issues? Are you aware if other Verizon Wireless customers are having similar problems around your service area?