Ported to Verizon from Tmobile, still no service after 1 week
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I had ported my phone from Tmobile to Verizon end of June. It is now July and I have been without service for a week now. Verizon first provided the wrong sim cards to every person in our family plan, as well as created duplicated accounts wrongly that messed up our family plan. They then activated another wrong sim card with the wrong number on my phone when I visited in person, and refused to take responsibility when we asked why the wrong sim cards were taped to the wrong documents they had provided for each of the members in our family plan.
In the store, we were unable to activate the sim card on my phone, so they told me to call online via their customer portal.
We spent at least 12 hours or more on the phone with their customer center, their port transfer, and their tech support trying to activate a sim card. We were transferred to multiple employees who would transfer again our call to another person. We also set up times for agents to call back, which they never did and we wasted more than 2 hours waiting for their call.

Verizon is refusing to take responsibility and have not reached out to solve my problem even though I have spent even the July 4th weekend without any signal and am continuing to do so. I am furious that I have to spend so much time to resolve a simple matter and how much time is wasted just from switching carriers.

Re: Ported to Verizon from Tmobile, still no service after 1 week
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Hey, sfkverizon. Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. We understand how frustrated you must be feeling. We're here to help in any way we can. Please, send us a Private Note for further assistance.