Porting/Activation Issue
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I have been Verizon customer for more than 10 years. On 3/6/2023 I decided to move to Spectrum and in Spectrum store they ported my number successfully. But unfortunately, we found my device was locked by Verizon. Since 3/6 evening I am trying to work with Verizon to move back to my old account. I have spent around 10 hours with Verizon on phone but my phone is still not working.  As far as I know Verizon has successfully ported back my number but it’s not getting activated.


It extremely frustrating experience. Myself and my husband has done nothing since 3/6 evening and been on phone with Verizon.  How hard can I be to port back to Verizon. 

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Re: Porting/Activation Issue
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Hello! I'm sorry to read that you have experiencing issues with your porting, but I will gladly assist you. Please, send me a private note to better assist you.