Positive Feedback - Buda, TX store

I wanted to make sure Kamaria and Kalvin at the Verizon store in Buda, TX get a shout-out for their kindness & amazing customer support today!  In a slight panic, I brought my iPhone into the Buda store as the phone screen completely stopped working. Both employees were so incredibly helpful in trying to find ways to fix my original phone; and when it was decided I would need a different phone (either replacement or upgrade) they explored & discussed with me all the options I had to ensure I was able to have a working phone that day.   I can't thank them enough for their time, patience, honestly & kindness in this process.  

Re: Positive Feedback - Buda, TX store
Customer Service Rep

We are happy to hear about your positive in-store experience, iualumni2000! We will be sure to lift up your feedback to the appropriate party!