Positive Feedback

I really wish you had a spot for this. Today I was on the phone with Verizon for nearly 3 hours. I was trying to get my post paid number on a prepaid phone & ended up having my phone shut off, having a new number, neither phones working, it was a mess.. that was until I landed with a girl named Renae. I don't even know the department she was in, I was transferred numerous times, but this girl was unbelievable! The service I got from her was beyond anything you see these days! Her energy was absolutely amazing & she took on my issue as her own. When I say above & beyond, it doesn't even portray how great she was! She did everything that can possibly be done, & went through every avenue she could possibly go to resolve the issue. She was the only one who didn't give me a phone number and transfer, she OWNED the issue! I promise, this girl is an asset to your company, she is amazing at what she does & if I had my own customer service company and could hire her, she would be my TOP paid employee. After hours on the phone, she made the experience fun & light hearted & I can not say enough about her!! I truly hope you can inform her supervisors of how excellent she is. She was not the one who resolved it ultimately because it was out of her line of business, but she made absolute sure that the last transfer would be the last! And it was!  She was with me every step of the way & oh my gosh.. Verizon is SO LUCKY TO HAVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please recognize this amazing advisor for who she is, she deserves it a million BILLION times over! 

Re: Positive Feedback
Customer Service Rep

Thanks for the shout out! We'd be happy to pass along the message. Our apologies for the experience prior leading up to Renae. Your voice & every interaction matters to us.