Positive Feedback

I could not find the correct spot to leave feedback, but it needed done!   Jordei Osb from North Carolina went WAY above and beyond for me today trying to resolve my issue.   She tried and tried and tried until she had to pass it off to tech support, and I could tell even then that she really didn't want to give up.  And actually....tech support did the exact same things she did and he had to end up sending me to Apple Support.   I just switched to Verizon yesterday and Jordei solidified that I made the right decision.  Amazing customer support.  I hope she knows how much I appreciate her efforts today!


Ashley Martin in Ohio  🙂

P.s.    The phone ended up getting it's act together after a few hours.  I'm not sure what it's deal was but it's working now! 

Re: Positive Feedback
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about an outstanding experience you had with our agent, Jordei Osb. I have made it a priority to tell our team about your praises. Thank you for your positive feedback. VCarter_VZW