Predatory Sales Practice
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am not pleased about the experience I have had with Verizon over the course of the last 7-8 months and I'd like to explain myself and provide context to anyone who may be having a similar experience.  My disgust started several months ago when I would receive "device check ups" that would alert me to critically low storage on my phone.  I found the reports that I was directed to review showed less storage than what was indicated on my device through device settings.  (i.e. the report would say I had less than .5 gigs remaining although my phone would indicate I had 2.)  I found this extremely misleading, however, as a partially savvy consumer I knew my storage was fine and did not wish to be pushed into buying a new phone.   I still get these updates directly from Verizon once a month.

My newest "I can't believe this" moment occurred last night.  My husband and I decided to buy new unlocked phones after the ones we've had the last 4 years didn't perform like they used to (direct from the factory new, not refurbished or pre owned).  My husband initially logged into the VZW website to change his device as his phone came in first.  He was prompted immediately : "This device cannot be activated on your current plan, please call us."  I was furious at this moment knowing that we would be subjected to a sales pitch and possibly forced into a more expensive plan.  Instead of calling the number as suggested, he placed the original SIM card into the new device and the new phone worked perfectly.  Any consumer that doesn't know about this capability would have had to make that call, spent their time on hold with an automated message about self service options they can't perform, then refusing sales attempts and possibly being coerced into buying a more expensive plan just because they got a new phone.  This could be and in my case is perceived as deceptive and predatory because it is an outright lie that the new phone wouldn't work on our existing plan.