Problem with not able to Text on my LG Form 4

I have can not send or receive texts om my LG Form 4 phone it happened after a Verizon update.  Contacted thru chat and phone and was passed 7 times between reps after 5 hours gave up.  Each time they would ask me the same questions and kept sending the troubleshooting links (which I had tried prior to contacting them).  

I've been with them for 15 years and this has been the worst customer service instance ever.  I have opened a trial service with Consumer Cellular and will be leaving Verizon after my prepaid is used up.

Re: Problem with not able to Text on my LG Form 4
Customer Service Rep

It's crucial that you have a working device, Joseph1908. We'd hate to lose you after all this time. Your feedback is valuable. The last thing we want is for you to be repeating troubleshooting steps. We'd like the opportunity to look at your account to see everything that has been done, so we can find a way forward. To do so, please send us a Private Note to get started. MeganS_VZW