Problems with Customer Service
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I realize this is just screaming into the digital ether and not a single Verizon exec will deign to see it, but maybe some investors will while they are researching where to put their money.

Get a threatening text telling me a Veteran discount was about to expire in ten days. Text message was written like a phishing text, great work communications team. I guess Verizon thinks being a veteran "expires". Go to my PC to log in and see if its real. It is. Get to a screen telling me to link my "employers" email. No other options or considerations for any other possible situation. Try to chat with agent. Answer stupid questions just to get to "Please log in" in the chat window. Already logged into the site, chat wont let you log in and tells you to log in again. Go to schedule a callback. Webpage responds with "Something went wrong". Click on the box to show a phone number. Website has button that has no link, entire link is removed. Browser shows there is no link whatsoever. Call Verizon Store put into phone system, probably the one the webpage wont give, answer over 15 stupid questions just to schedule a callback with a rep. System asked to "store" my biometric voice data. Here's an idea, have your system listen to the anger levels in someones voice instead, might tell you something. Yet another corporate automated system that has no real way to contact customer service because they don't want to talk to you, they don't want to hear from you AT ALL, they don't want to do the bare minimum to fix issues.