Problems with Verizon


I tried signing up for Verizon Wireless on 6/5 for new service. I have AT&T now and have since 2012. I have never had Verizon Wireless. I chose no credit check. Chose that so I wouldn’t have to take a hit on my credit (trying to make it to the 850 FICO club). So I have to contact this number  for Verizon. I call and they need verification documents. I provide those. Then they need more. I provide those. 

I told the lady this morning just run my credit. I’ll take the hit. So the Verizon lady says they can’t run my credit for a year now because I chose no credit check....huh.  The lady also told me I could go in a Verizon store. My mom is 80 years old and I am taking care of her because of the pandemic. So she says you can get prepay. Why would I leave AT&T postpaid to get prepaid with Verizon. My credit scores are in the 700’s

can someone tell me what is going on. I have clean credit reports. 

Re: Problems with Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Hi, GET1. We would love to welcome you to Verizon Wireless. I must apologize as I am unsure of the restrictions associated with signing up for service but want to get you pointed in the right direction to further discuss and find a resolution so you use our service. Please reach out to our Sales Team directly at 1-800-225-5499. We have representatives standing by who will be happy to further assist. I appreciate hearing about your experience and would be glad to have your feedback submitted. We look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Problems with Verizon
Specialist - Level 3

There isn't a compelling reason to choose creditless if you have good credit. Unless the idea of parting with $400 security deposit per line seems appealing to avoid dropping a couple points.