Promotion Not Honored

My wife and I traded our IPhone 7s for IPhone 12 Pros and we’re supposed to receive $1,300 in credit toward the new phones. We purchased the new phones in August 2021 and submitted our old phones via UPS a few weeks later. It’s January 31, 2022, and I still have not received any credits toward the new phones. I have spoken with customer service 5 times via phone and 2 times via messenger. Each time, I’ve received various promises of follow up calls or that the issue would be passed up the hierarchy. However, no one has ever followed up with a call as promised. I’ve also received several verbal confirmations that our old phones were received by Verizon and that I did everything correctly. Most recently, I was told on December 29 that I would definitely start seeing the credit within 7-10 business days, but I did not receive one. I’ve spent at least 10 hours on the phone with customer service and am very frustrated and and am losing hope that I’ll ever receive the promotion I was promised.

Re: Promotion Not Honored
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to get any promotion you qualify for. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.*Melissa