Promotion Still Not Honored!
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Get a new Galaxy A42 for $5 a month for 24 months they said......well after repeated attempts of contacting customer service since November 2021 we are still waiting for the $279.99 promo credit for each of the 3 phones to be applied over 24 mos!!! Consistently heard "it should show up on the next billing". Over it!!! Checked today and we can get 3 Apple 13Pros with Unlimited talk, text, & high-speed data that can’t slow down based on how much you use!!! 50Gig hot spot for each line plus more for the same price we are paying for useless A42 5Gs and throttled usage with the unlimited Start plan.  I'm all about brand loyalty but the brand should have just as much loyalty to their customers and stand behind what they promise!!!!!!!