Promotion & Phone TRADE-IN Issues or How I Learned to Dislike Verizon & their Customer Service Inconsistency.
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My family and I switched five phones,  four of them were new-to-verizon-phones. Verizon representative, David, helped us start the switch to the phone plan. Here’s the details of the phone call. He stated that doing the entire process online was benefitial because there were online deals you can take advantage of. I’m beginning to doubt that. 

Phone Monthly payments for iphone 14 pro Trade-in value (12-feb 2023)
Iphone 12 free 1000
Iphone 11 plus free 1000
Iphone XS $5/mo 800
Iphone x $15/mo 800 400


David assured us that we would receive a $200 credit for each of the four phones we transferred to Verizon, totaling $800 in credit or gift cards. He mentioned that the credits would be delivered by mail within 30-60 days. However, when the expected timeframe passed and we hadn't received anything, we contacted Verizon again.

During our second call, the representative informed us that if the credits didn't arrive in the mail that week, they would be automatically applied to our bill. We made sure to inquire if there were any additional steps we needed to take, given the significant amount of money involved. The representative assured us that it would be a seamless process and that we didn't need to do anything else.

With excitement and patience, we eagerly awaited the credits, but they never arrived. On June 13th, today, we called Verizon once more. This time, we spoke to Tina, a higher-level representative. Surprisingly, Tina informed us that we needed to apply online in order for the credits to be applied. None of the previous representatives had mentioned this requirement in any of our previous calls. Frustrated by this inconsistency, we requested Tina to retrieve the recorded calls as evidence. Unfortunately, she was unable to do so, but she provided excellent assistance and remained polite throughout our conversation. She assured us that she would escalate the issue to a supervisor for further assistance.

At this point, we have spent a total of 8 hours making four phone calls, and it has been incredibly disheartening and frustrating to realize that we were misled on three separate occasions. None of the promises made regarding the credits were fulfilled.

1. The trade in for all four phones. They only applied 2 of them even after confirming they were all ready to be traded in. It happens to be the lower values ones were the only ones that are applied. 

2. The credit/ gift cards for trading in. We have yet to see the $800. 

3.  We applied to save an extra $50 a month by switching to a paperless account. 


Item Cost in USD
phone line (online automatic payments) 40
phone line (online automatic payments) 40
phone line (online automatic payments) 40
phone line (online automatic payments) 40
phone line (previous Verizon line)





~ 225

iphone xs trade in for iphone 14


iphone x trade in for iphone 14



~ 250


We should be paying about $250. On avererage thats $349 a month, thats 40% more every month. That adds up very quickly. I’m extremely frustrated at the service and deciept that has been done. I want my issues resolved. 

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 2.04.28 PM.jpeg
I hope sharing my sentiment can shed light on these issues and have others continue to speak out about this problem. 

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