Promotion nightmare

Got 2 new lines with trade in and 700 off each phone. Gave me 239 credit for each, and told me I qualified for a 250 egift card for each phone. Fast forward a month they made me pay the credit back and making me pay full price for my 2 new iPhone. 


Customer support said by accepting both promotions it canceled out taking the 700 off each phone and the 239 credit they have.  Like what the ever loving fudge?


This is the shady dirt. And very deception business practice. All I want them to do is honor their agreement 

Re: Promotion nightmare
Customer Service Rep

Your customer loyalty is greatly appreciated and I'm here to help  Conflicting information can be discouraging and I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm hopeful your concern has been addressed and resolved in the interim of your original post. If not, please advise.