Proof of Payment
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I received 3 telephone calls today from Verizon from a phone number I cannot call back.  

My records and Verizon's records differ. I show that I have paid my cellphone bill and they do not. They are threatening to shut down my cellphone service.  I have asked what they will accept as proof that I sent them the money and they have yet to respond.
I tried to call 611 and spoke to someone in the Philippines who can only set up a payment plan which will only result in an overpayment or threaten to turn off my service.  This seems like  scam.
I have contacted the FCC and our local consumer protection agencies. and of course my bank.
But hoping that I can get some help here.
Re: Proof of Payment
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If your My Verizon account shows a payment, that is what their system gets info from.

Check that. If that says you owe nothing, then it's not Verizon who is contacting you.