Quadrouple Charged for Each Upgrade, Verizon WONT Fix

Hello, I upgraded 5 of our 7 lines to the new iPhone 14/14 Pros. 1 was cancelled when we realized the errors, but it still shipped. 4 of them have been Quadruple charged on our bill. 1 of them the trade in did not process as part of the transaction. We have not received any of the phones yet. Customer Support hasn’t been able to help and just tells us “oh it’ll get fixed on its own eventually”. Our bill was $300, it’s now $2400. This is unacceptable and needs fixed asap.

When you go to the "Equipment Purchases" under each line, it lists the taxes+activation fee (~$130) for that individual line 4 DIFFERENT times. So each line is showing a monthly cost of over $500 individually. Essentially, Verizon thinks we bought 20 new phones (5 lines x 4 equipment purchases per line) and is just telling us to "return the extra lines when we get them and the charges will be removed." Earth to Verizon, you're not shipping us 20 phones so we have nothing to return!