I have never had issues with Verizon for as long as I have been a customer. I have been very disappointed lately. I purchased a mifi on a weekend which is great and I decided to purchase a new iphone as well. The rep told me to call her back on the coming Friday, something to do with the billing cycle or promo. She told me if she didn't answer to text her. I tried both several times and she never responded. A week or two later I tried call another rep, my son gave me his number because he said to call him if we needed anything since my son knew i was trying to buy another iphone. Same thing left a message and no response back. I just decided to call the main Verizon number and talked to a rep there who sold me the iphone and told me about the accessories promo 50% off if i bought 5 or more. I bought 6 including Airpods pro. I was reviewing my bill and noticed i was charged the full price so I called Verizon and they told me those are not part of promo. When I purchased the accessories a few weeks ago, not once did the rep mention to me those were not included in the promo, otherwise I would not have purchased them.  The rep I spoke to today told me the accessories were 40% not 50 according to the contract. I told her the rep told me 50%. She said if I look at the contract it says 40%. I told her that was not what the rep said but I guess that was my error since i didn't check the contract before I got off the phone. I should have known that there would be issues with the transactions since the rep (who may have been new) claims she was having computer issues, was unable to process the trade-in information, among other issues she was having. I have several devices with Verizon and am seriously considering changing providers as soon as I can. Very disappointed, as I used to brag about Verizon to everyone since changing from ATT.