Racism on Call!!! Harassed!! Told I am Poor and Pathetic, YES, by PRE-PAID CUSTOMER SUPPORT MGR

Please call me or email me.


US Disabled Vet Marine NEEDS HELP


Posted again to see if someone would please help.

I have had Verizon and a new jetpack since 5/11/2019.  I was in the "Verizon uPDP, or, Unlimited Data Plan". it existed until the end of may last year for customers.  There are NO data limit, NO throttling, nothing.  100% open.  It was my solution for my company.  I could now work from the garage and sell my products online.  Bamm!!  Verizon gave me a solution because my house is too far to do anything with wires.  No CenturyLink, no comcast, etc.  No one would provide internet or cable television to my house.  Satellite was too slow to actually work full time and try to do anything at all on the bandwidth.  So, I had it solved.  My house finally had high speed internet thanks to Verizon.  My company was live finally!!!

Then it happened...."Mr. Mikedela, you said you have a post pay with 3 cell lines and a pre pay with a jetpack, you can save by combining the devices onto one account.  It would save you $50 a month Mr Mikedela".  He was right, sort of, Its $70 a month for the unlimited data plan i was in, less $5 for being a Marine Veteran and gold star dad and autopay i guess.  I do have a post pay with three cell phones, unlimited data.  That would make sense to anyone.  

6/29 - So on Monday afternoon of 6/29/2020, I called Post Pay Cust Care

6/29 - Asked about the deals regarding moving the pack to my post pay, from prepay, if It truly is only $20 a month and NO service difference.

6/29 - Confirmed over and over about details on what I do for work, how I need no throttling, or caps, etc.  

6/29 - I was assured it was just a great method of saving $50 a month, since between the two bills, I pay over $250

6/29 - The CSR moved the pre-pay jetpack to post pay new device on my existing account

6/30 - Tuesday, very early, I received an emergency text, the business was offline (my server auto reports).  immediately ran to PC and read the "Out Of Data" email.  I had never received an email stating I used all my data before so I was shocked.  

6/30 - Called 611 and was on the phone from 10:00am to 3:00p (look in my account, it shows all the transfers)

6/30 - Agent knew the mistake made and said it needed to stay on prepaid, on the grandfathered unlimited plan.  So I asked,"OK, please move it back ASAP, my business is down".  Finally got the jetpack back to prepay, got the unit online, confirmed my business is up.  perfect

7/1 - I see my data warning that I have 25% data left (What 9ts NOT UNLIMITED?!?!?!?!?)

7/1 - OH NO.....Hurry...get this fixed.  

7/1 - 1:30p - called Tech Support to reset my web account because  I couldn't get in anymore (I could access it for a year) even though the tele number for the jetpack stayed the same since 5/11/2019 when I first signed up

7/1 - Tech support sees the old account, confirms i DID have UNLIMITED DATA PLAN NO CAPS, speaks to his manager, and


7/1 - I'm in tears......

7/1 - After tons of explaining and explaining and transfer after transfer, Finally got the OK to add data while the back office fixes my account

7/1 - Data added at no cost while back office still fixing account

7/2.- Data added at no cost while back office still fixing account

7/3 - Day 3 of calling for additional data while the back office fixes my regular account back to unlimited.  Called CSR, and was told they wont add data anymore

7/3 - Requested a manager assistance, and the call went down hill from there

7/3 - manager got on and said she wont add any further data

7/3  - I tried to explain and she kept cutting me off.  I requested to speak to a different manager, her manager.  Someone in the chain of command.

7/3 - That set her off and the language, yelling, insults, race slurs, began because she felt like I thought she wasn't doing her job.  That wasn't it.  No matter how many times I asked to be transferred, I said "Thank you" a million times over her yelling.  Asked how poor I am.  called a **Bleep** (im hispanic based on my last name) and about told I was the poorest around and poor me.  She was awful, but I wanted to stay on the line to ensure she couldn't hang up and I started at square one.....she ended up disconnecting me...

7/3 - NOTE - she stated wont do anything, Verizon will never help me, I am so "poor man" and "so pathetic" and "why are you so poor?", my nationality got attacked for what?  data?

7/3 - "What are you poor?  oh poor Mr Mike, No data you poor man"

7/3 - Same MGR "You think you will ever get help from anyone again in Verizon?"...then...click, she disconnects me

7//3  - I called to try and report this complain of HARASSMENT, DEGRADING, RUDE, CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER and I don't know if it was taken seriously

7/4 - Here it is.  A marine who lost his marine son, on 4th of July.  Called Tech Support to add data like usual.  Instead of difficulty, it got worse.  Now the CSR says there is no Ticket, there is no account from May 11, there is nothing......what???.  So I have ZERO data now, and my distribution center is now offline, no more income.

7/4 - To note, I was contacted by Verizon Support through this message last night 7/3.  The agent asked to confirm some things and then I didn't hear anything back.  It was a message sent through here privately.  Did that agent do more to the account?


Please someone, help a Marine, help a gold star dad, help me get the right ears to hear this message.  I am going to lose my business.  I am not joking when I say I cannot get wires here physically.  mile long street, with one house in the middle, mine.  It is too long of a run to get any wires to the house.  So, I invested in LTE boosters (20' up above roof) and got Verizon signals in my house so beautifully........but now, in one night, I cannot have a data cap.....I dont know what else to do....please....i hope this finds the right eyes/ears.