Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?
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I just had the worst experience at the Encinitas Verizon.  I was "helped" by Alma (I believe that was her name. She was rude.  I mean really rude!  I wanted help with buying two chargers and I was trying to ask her basic questions, none of which she knew the answers to.  I finally was able to find the answers myself (on the box.)  I felt like she was trying to get me to buy them and get out of there.  I wanted to look up some information since she wasn't helping me at all and she told me that there was a line of people waiting outside so maybe I should go home and do some research.  Seriously?!  BTW, there was another guy there and his son and they had been there when I walked in, so obviously they had been there longer than me.  She finally had the person (who was waiting to take my payment,) go out and help the ONE person who was waiting outside.  In 2 minutes he was back inside and the other customer with his son was still in the store. I also asked her to look at my phone and see if she could tell if there was something on my phone that was draining my battery.  She said, No.  It's because your phone is old.  She wouldn't even look at my phone! Come on!  I ended up buying 3 chargers and decided to just bring them back if I didn't like them.  She was the kind of employee who I would fire immediately!!  I mean there are a lot of people looking for jobs right now and it can't be THAT HARD to find someone who wants to work and maybe is grateful enough to have a job that they would be treating their customers like they wanted them there at their store!

Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?
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What's there to know about chargers? It's lightning for Apple and type c for android. Next would be if It's a home charger or vehicle. This is something you research ahead of time or better yet order online. No one should be holding up a line at a store for a charger.

I don't know your phone model, but batteries do degrade over time. No one should also be handling people's phones with Covid-19 still being a serious problem.


Re: Where do I leave a store employee review?
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This is not the experience we want you to have when you visit any of our stores (, cuiml8. Rudeness is never acceptable and all of our representatives should always treat you with the utmost respect.


I understand that you found answers to your questions right on the box of those chargers. But you mention that you wanted to look up some information and I want to make sure that all your questions are answered. What additional information did you need about those chargers? 

What is the charger model?


I see that you are concerned about what may be draining your phone's battery. I can help with this too. What is your phone model?

How long does the battery last?

How do you usually use your phone in a normal day?