Rebate Issue/ thinking of going back to T-Mobile
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I switched over from T-Mobile last November on the 24th. I was told I qualified for a $300 rebate since I brought my own Galaxy Note 20 over. I cannot get a hold of any one and I kept resubmitting my info before the 30 day mark but all the emails I got were that there is a problem. Then in December I added a line to my account and they said I qualified for another rebate of $450, I submitted and nothing. I just keep getting emails that there is a tracking number and to contact Verizon again. All I get is a dumb automated machine that hangs up and I can't get any help. Verizon is more expensive because of " the better network" but I I will go back to T-Mobile because this is dirtty customer service. 

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We definitely want to make sure you are able to get this taken care of, gbar93. We are sending you a Private Message.