Rebate bait and switch
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Long story short. I responded to an offer directly from V to BYOD for $500. I did this Aug 25, my number ported in the 26th. I get an email stating my rebate is $350. How is this possible. I am going to port my number right back out if this isnt corrected. Ridiculous. 

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PGMAYR, we value your loyalty and we never want to see you go so soon. Making sure you are receiving the correct Rebate promotion is important. Our $500 BYOD e-gift card promotion is an online-only promotion. You will be required to activate a 4G/5G device, Port-in your phone number and be on a Premium unlimited plan (Play More, Do More or Get More. Please review the promotion details here   -Sylvia


Here’s a great story for you. I was told by Verizon that if I brought my own device that I was eligible for a $500 rebate e-gift card. I did everything they asked I kept my device active for 45 days as the promotion states and I never canceled my service. Yet they have determined that because I canceled my line I was no longer eligible for the rebate so they have now charged me $500 which I can’t afford because I am on disability. Yet in the details of the promotion it says service not line. If this isn’t bait and switch I don’t know what is.