Rebate issues
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Wish I would have done more research on Verizon rebates prior to purchasing new phones. Salesperson promised rebates that were denied because we did not qualify. Verizon customer service actually said the salespeople often don’t know the terms of the rebate..The system is set up for abuse salespeople can tell you qualify for something even when you don’t with little recourse. The only option is to return the phone and Verizon is hoping you don’t do that and just forget about the rebate. As others have said customer service tried to make it my fault for trusting a Verizon sales representative from a Verizon store.  

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Re: Rebate issues
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Hello RyaWal,


We always want you to be able receive any rebate you qualify for. Which rebate were you trying to take advantage of? What is it showing that you don't qualify for?