Rebate issues
Enthusiast - Level 1

Verizon really needs to fix their rebate dept and train cs on situations. I was told during my purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g and porting a line over that I would be eligible for the Switch to Verizon and get $800 offer. I explained my port in was from tracfone and didn’t have a bill jus a reciept to submit. Was told it would be fine. Surprise surprise I got denied. So now what Verizon? I buy a $1200 phone and don’t receive your promised rebate? I see everyone else has problems too. I’ve spent so much money with this company in the past 3-4 years of being with them. I don’t understand how the rebates could be so difficult for them. Last year I was promised one too for switching a line over from AT&T the sales rep and cs both said it would work but after 3 months I had to just give up.  Don’t go through Verizon if you expect a rebate. It wont happen.