Rebate scam

When we got our phones April 13th at a verizon store.  We were promised $150.00 visa rebate card for each line. 3 lines = $450.00.  We were told we would get an email with directions on how to secure such rebate.  We have been on top of this since day 1.  Never got the email.  Called each day to talk to the salesman that sold us our phones.  Eventually he said he would have a manager submit it manually.  Never got our cards.  Never got an email.  Tried to call several times. Nothing.  Was on hold today for almost an hour, when someone did answer they “transferred” the call back to customer service. Really they hung up on us.  This is flat out fraudulent. If we can’t resolve this issue I will call the FTC and local authorities as well.  You LIED to us. 

Re: Rebate scam
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Jworsnup. This is not the way we want you to feel. We are here to help figure out what's going on with your rebate. We are sending you a Private Note now, to work with you. CourtneyM_VZW