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On 4/16/2021 I was sent two $150 gift cards in order to pay off a remaining balance on a Verizon account.  The gift cards were sent electronically and both emails say in the amount of $150.  However, when I check the balances it says one is $.36 and the other is $11.13.  I was sent to multiple departments and ended up speaking with someone in rebates.  They stated they would be in touch with me with in 2 weeks.  I never received a response and they have now sent us to collections.  I need to speak with someone about this.

Re: Rebate
Customer Service Rep

As a consumer on a budget, I sincerely understand concerns about those gift cards. You indicate that our Rebate team was working on this issue and they would call you with a resolution, but they did not. You need to contact our Rebate Customer Service Center for assistance. While they do not have a Social Media team, and they cannot assist you via this channel, you can call them at 877-899-8980 at your convenience. I am confident that they will be able to resolve this issue for you.