Recent weak signal, dropped calls
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Our neighborhood in pleasant view and north ogden, Utah is all experiencing weak signals and dropped calls ever day.  One bar or less is the norm now.  5 years ago we use to have 3 to 4 bars constantly.   It's not my phone; which has a new battery and is functioning normal.  My wife just got a newer iPhone and actually her phone is worse than my older iPhone.  

I speculate that went Verizon switched to 5g the signal from the towers are  now worst, if you're on the outer band of the reception area.  I tried a couple of those boost antennas on the roof and systematically pointing it at the tower location.   There was absolutely no improvement at all with the boosters.  So the weak signals are the fault of Verizon doing something to their tower hardware.

Verizon urgently needs to correct their weak signal issues or install an additional tower for this growing neighborhood  ( over 30 new houses have been built in the last 3 years, and they are many in construction) or they will be losing customers as soon as the neighborhood finds a better service provider. 

Re: Recent weak signal, dropped calls
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you're having service trouble in your neighborhood, Menders1. It sounds like there could be some capacity issues if there have been 30 new houses in the last 3 years, and many more still being built. That is a pretty sizeable population increase in a short period of time. This can certainly cause some issues, as more people on a cell site can reduce the distance a cell site can cover. Let's take a closer look into this issue. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us.