Recently experiencing extremely slow upload speeds.

Recently my family has been experiencing extremely slow upload speeds. We all have the unlimited plans, but a few of us have the do more unlimited. We live in a rural area, Valley Ford California about 5 minutes away from Bodega Bay, 94972. So our cell reception is on the weak side however the service is good enough to be able to browse the internet, watch youtube, and even hotspot for pc gaming.

But recently, the last 5 days it has been extremely slow and almost unusable. Our mbps download hasn't changed, infact it seems like it has gotten better. We use to get 3-8mbps but now it is 3-12mbps. But our upload is non-existent. We use to get 5-14mbps upload but now it is zero maybe we get 0.5 mbps upload but never above 1mpbs upload.

We have tried all suggestions online and nothing has worked. None of our family have gone over their premium 4G data except for one device on the plan. If we can have some help or at least an explanation why this is happening that would be great. 

Thank you