Reconnect Fee w/o Disconnection
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I was just going through my bill because I just recently removed 2 add-ons we never use and wanted to see what my new monthly bills were going to look like. While doing this, I ran across a $20 fee on each line of my account for a reconnect fee that evidently occurred in January 2022 because the fee is being assessed on my February 2022 bill. However, my lines were never disconnected in January, nor have they ever been disconnected during any other month. With that being said, does anyone know why I was assessed this fee and what I need to do to have it looked into, explained, and ultimately removed? I greatly appreciate any and all advice offered and I hope you all have a great rest of your day!! Thanks again!!!!

Re: Reconnect Fee w/o Disconnection
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We know it's important for your bill to be correct, thomy_f. We are here to help. Please send us a Private Note.