I am posting again because this has STILL not been resolved. A gentleman by the name of David from vzw support responded immediately after my posting. I also responded immediately, after answer his questions of my order number and the store location where I returned my equipment. This was 3 days ago and NOTHING!! The same thing happens when I reach out to chat support, they just ghost. I am very close to leaving Verizon because this type of customer service is absolutely ridiculous. A BBB complaint is my next step. 

 I have been a very loyal Verizon Wireless customer for a few years. But the lack of honesty and communication with customer service the last month has outweighed the years of stellar performance. On September 17th, I  placed an online order for an iPad Pro 12.9 and an Otterbox Defender Case. After realizing I ordered an 11" case, I reached out to the online chat to discuss my options. I was told I could return the case in store to receive a refund.  I returned the case to a local store on September 27th. After waiting a few days and not seeing a credit on my bank account, I returned to the same store. I was then told I would receive a paper check in 2-3 weeks. Fine, as long as I receive a refund. Now going on a month, I have seen nothing. I have reached out to the online chat multiple times. Each time, I am told to wait 2-3 weeks for a check. One time, I was told they have received the case but I will not be receiving a check and to return to the store. When I told the agent I have already returned to the store and was told to wait for a check, he immediately responded with "Please wait 3 weeks for a check". This is absolutely ludacris and unprofessional. We are talking about a refund of $137, not a $50 phone case. If anyone could point me in the right direction to get this resolved, I would be very grateful. At this point, it's not even about the money but the principal. 

Re: Refund
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for that information, and I do believe this is something we should be able to assist with as it has definitely been long enough to receive the refund or for it to be noted on an account if a check has been sent. I would recommend contacting us on either Facebook, or on Twitter @VZWSupport so we are able to provide you with an expediated response, and resolution.*Gert