Refusing to honor employee discount
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Really disappointed with Verizon. I'm supposed to receive a discount through my job and they're refusing to honor it. I will never recommend anyone go to Verizon Wireless after this. It's non stop problems and lies. 

Re: Refusing to honor employee discount
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You're leaving out important details in your post such as your plan. Chances are you have unlimited which is not eligible for a standard employee discount. It will be on your account, but not discounting anything.

If I'm right about unlimited, that is your problem. Only those that work with Verizon, military, first responder, teacher or nurse get a discount for those plans. The latter after military requires a specific way to register to apply.

Re: Refusing to honor employee discount
Customer Service Rep

We would never want to see you disappointed Rafat668 and always want to ensure you receive the assistance you need. We can take a closer look at this. Can you clarify what you mean by we are refusing to honor the discount? What plan do you currently have? Who is your employer?