Regional Manager or Customer Support Supervisor Contact information
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Needing to get in touch with a regional manager or customer support supervisor. I'm at the end of my patience with this company and the terrible customer service. I've chatted, called, gone in stores to talk to managers and have still received no help. I'm in the Dallas, TX area if anyone knows who to contact in that area. 

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Sorry but contact information is not given out like that. You would need to call and request a supervisor to speak to one.

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Tried that. Was literally told by the person I spoke to that the supervisors don't do anything but make sure they don't go on breaks they aren't supposed to. I know that's not the case but at that point I was too frustrated to deal with the person anymore

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After having an issue with customer support I asked to speak with the supervisor because I wanted to "launch a formal complaint" yet did not get to speak to a supervisor ,manager,team lead or anyone else in a leadership position . The rep put me on hold then came back and said she would take the complaint for me . Wrong ..... If you are part of my complaint why would I give it to you ? Needless to say we are currently checking in to other carriers.

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If I told you how stupid that sounds, you wouldn't believe me.  Instead I'll point out that in my experience, supervisors will not get on a chat with you.  Instead you have to GET a phone call from the chat rep, be connected with another rep and still never get to TALK with the person you're trying to get to.

If you don't believe that, please read the 3 chats I've had since I SINCE I bought a phone on chat in December.  I'll include that chat in order to show you how many times I was lied to in the purchase of my wife's new phone/plan. 

Reference Number: 186158297925479530 Chatted on 12/19/2019

Reference Number: 4132437673121542770 Chatted on 01/24/2020

Reference Number: 1866706500172666 Chatted on 2/7/2020 

Reference Number: 5238634689089164780 Chatted on 3/27/2020

I want to complain that I was left on hold last night for 55 minutes after asking for a supervisor and was hung up on without ever speaking to another person during the entire wait to update me on the wait time.

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Hi, so I have had the same problem though no one in your customer service department wants to transfer me to a manager or anyone higher. Worst costumer service ever. 

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We're disappointed to hear you say this and always want to ensure your concerns are being addressed, Jdbean121. Please tell us more about what's going on. I'm confident we can assist and come to a resolution. 



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And they will refuse to get on the phone with you. I’ve specifically asked multiple times and no manager or supervisor has agreed to get on the phone. It’s ridiculous. If a customer asks to speak to a supervisor or manager, they should be able to speak to said person. It should not be up to the supervisor or manager to screen the problem. It makes the customer sit on the phone even longer with no resolution.  

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SMT_0927, it definitely sounds like you have been through enough already. We want to put an end to your frustration. Lets get you properly assisted. Please check your inbox for a private message.


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Is there anyway you could reach out to me Marcus?? I need help for my account at verizon.  This problem is going on 1+ years and every time I reach out I am told someone will contact me- I have even received the text saying the supervisor would call. Still nothing.  This is getting outrageous.

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Were you able to get contact for regional manager/president? I'm looking for the Northeast one...?

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Email everyone in the Executive Customer Relations department until you get a reply! I have had it with this company and their poor customer service. Costing me time, money, and more trouble than they are worth!

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Same here. One of the person I chatted insisted it was my lack of understanding of how plan change works. Ummm I've been vz customer since unlimited plan and smart phones. Smh

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They will never admit what's going on. We have contacted Custer's customer support over 20 times and even went to the Verizon store. I had to get a burner phone because I was not even able to call Verizon and talk to them about it. Their chat is always down on my Verizon. When I signed up for a Straight Talk phone they even said I could not use Verizon because their signal is so bad in my area. They put us through all of this garbage trying to go to friends houses, businesses, and even the store doing covid-19 and they have to know there's a problem because a lady at the Verizon store said they're not even allowed to sell a service in my area right now and even Straight Talk will not sell Verizon services. They know what's going on. I was informed by someone that works at Verizon, on the down-low, beds it's because they're switching the towers to 5G. They put us through all this frustration and it is a security issue with covid-19 but they don't care