Removing "Unknown Name" and Restoring Number for Call Filter/Caller ID

I started investigating why my calls were showing up as "Unknown Name" and not showing the actual phone number until after the call was rejected or ignored, but there didn't seem to be a lot of help on the boards and I came up with a solution that seems to have worked for me (and some possible explanation behind it).

When my phone was activated, I used the short trial of Call Filter to receive caller identification for incoming calls. However, the free trial ran out and I chose not to use it any longer but Call Filter stays pseudo-active in the background somehow and causes the phone numbers to still be partially interpreted. So I decided to go into my app settings, force stop it, and disable it.

This did not remedy the situation. Today I learned that instead, if you go into the Call Filter app, touch the menu button, and go to Account, there is an item called "Subscription status." It reported something along the lines of "free trial has ended," but once I clicked into that item, there was the ability to explicitly reject continuation of the service. Now my subscription status is "unsubscribed" and it appears that the unknown phone numbers are now coming through with the actual phone number showing up.

So I hope this might help some others as well and good luck with all your phone stuff.

- Derek