Replacement tablet never arrived

I have been on this roller coaster with Verizon customer service for 2 months over a replacement tablet. I have called a total of 10 different times to only be told that it is either been cancelled, transferred to the wrong department, sorry ma'am we do not handle your replacement in this department, oh ma'am here is your replacement confirmation # and finally the rep tells me that he doesn't know why the replacement has not been shipped. Also I'm paying for service that I can not use and Verizon will not give me credit my account for services I can not use. At this point I will advise anyone to think twice about this company. I need to get this message over to corporate because this is beyond unacceptable. 

Re: Replacement tablet never arrived
Customer Service Rep

We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing. We'll send you a private note to assist.