Report Verizon to BBB for Fraud
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Has anyone reported Verizon to the BBB for Fraud?  They charged me for 4 products on accident and then cancelled the order on the same phone call.  I am now 3 months later and they will not remove these charges from my bill?  This was their mistake and I have spend countless hours on the phone and chat with customer service trying to get them fixed.  They keep telling me that it will be removed on the next bill but then it never is.  I am going to report them the BBB if they do not take the charges off of my account.  Crazy that they would treat a 20 year customer this way.  Once my phones are paid off I am switching to another provider.  Verizon customer service has gone way down hill.

Re: Report Verizon to BBB for Fraud
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I am very sorry to hear you been having issues getting this refund, Gggnat. We can look further into this and make sure this is fixed once and for all. Please meet us in a Private Note, and we can get started. 

Re: Report Verizon to BBB for Fraud
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I have a very similar problem - I paid for both my new phones upfront in full and Verizon has tried to double charge me for both phones.  On top of this I was given incorrect info by the Verizon salesperson when I bought the phones and signed up 2 new lines with Verizon.

See here:


I too am planning on reporting this Fraud to BBB.  Have you gone through with filing yet?