Reporting intermittent cellular service in area 72760 - "Our service center is closed"

I live in a rural area that has one cell tower nearby. Service used to be great.

Cellular service for myself and all my neighbors has been intermittent for the last six months. It is getting worse. It was great before. Now the signal goes from 4 bars to zero every few minutes. This happens simultaneously for me and all my neighbors.

Once a month ago I was able to reach a tech support person using 611. They said they would have someone look into it and call me back. This did not happen.

Since then I have tried dozens of times and the support center is never available. You cannot reach a real person.

All the supposed "chat" access takes you through an elaborate tree to trouble shoot your phone. I and my neighbors do not all have a problem with our phones at exactly the same instant. And then they all have service a few minutes later at the same instant.

I am considering changing service providers after many years with Verizon because I cannot get any support on this issue or even report that it exists.

Does anyone know a number or email address that you can use to report a problem with a single cell?

Disgusted in Madison County Arkansas