Reporting poor coverage 18249

I would like to report very poor coverage in and around my home located within zip code 18249.  

This has occurred within the past several months.  Prior to that, I would only have 2-3 bars but it was usable.  However recently I am getting 1 or 0 bars.  And if I am outside on my property and outside my wifi range, the phone is useless.  

I have checked the Verizon coverage map and all around my house is 5g Nationwide which supposedly includes 4G LTE.  This is not the case.  

I had better connections prior to the 5g rollout.  

Can someone assist me?  Or do I have to look at ATT?  

Re: Reporting poor coverage 18249
Customer Service Rep

Ensuring our network is working properly is our top priority. We're not showing any issues with our 4G tower located in the city just north of Sugarloaf, PA. Our network also shows to be performing as expected with no outages or disruptions. We do show that there are areas in Sugarloaf that may not be optimal in coverage due to the terrain in this area. Some terrain issues that may obstruct or hinder signal penetration could be related to hills, mountains, increased foliage, distance and/or little to no line of site to the cell tower. This would impact signal both indoors and outdoors. Because of terrain challenges, many of our customers in that area do utilize indoor solutions such as Wi-Fi Calling or booster equipment if their address qualifies. Our CDMA network is also in a retirement phase so customers utilizing older equipment may also experience low to no service given the already challenging conditions in the area. What device are you using? Is the primary issue indoors our outdoors?