Request for upper management contact
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I have been speaking with Verizon since Thursday, April 2, 2015 regarding my dissatisfaction and possible departure from Verizon.  As a valued Verizon customer of over a decade I would like Verizon to know that they have failed me as a customer!  I have lost confidence in the structure of customer support and have not only been lied to, hung up on and misinformed by your representatives.  With that said, I did speak to an outstanding representative on April 2, 2015 who was knowledgeable and very helpful (Brianna).  After discussions regarding my desires to possibly upgrade early as I am not due until October 2015 we discussed a resolution of allowing me to upgrade now with a 2 year contract verses the Edge program.  We also very educationally discussed the differences between both programs as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both.  I absolutely do not wish to ever go on the Edge program and Brianna was amazing at understanding my reasons which I will not discuss on this form out of respect for Verizon but would love to express why verbally when and if I am contacted by someone with the authority to make my situation right.  I explained to Brianna that Sprint was offering a 2 year contract with the phone I wanted to upgrade to (which by the way is NOT the latest and greatest phone) for free.  I asked Brianna if Verizon would be willing to extent the same offer and I would maintain my business relationship and loyalty to Verizon.  A small gesture for a valued customer in my most humble opinion!  Brianna said that she believed this could happen and that at minimum I could up grade now and pay the 2 year pricing for the phone of choice.  She said that she would have her supervisor approve and get back with me within 24 hours.  This never happened, so I called back to the customer service after the 24 hour period had expired.  I was received by Shawness who was helpful and kind.  After reading the notes on my account and understanding my request she said that she could forward my call to the correct department to assist.  Well, I was forwarded to a young lady named Christina who works in the "financial services" department...not at all a department to help my situation.  Christina then said she could forward me to the correct department and I was one hold for approximately 10 minutes only to be hung up on.  At this point I have spent approximately over an hour trying to resolve this issue after being told that a supervisor would return my call the day prior...which still to date has not happened.

A few hours passed and I am now calmed down enough to attempt another call to Verizon Customer Server.  I was received by an amazing representative named Emma who stated that she would try to assist and would put me on a brief hold while reading my account notes.  She came back on the line and was extremely helpful.  She said that she was able to offer the 2 year plan upgrade now and we went through the entire process of ordering my new phone.  We picked out the phone color, size, etc.  She asked about phone protection options and if I wanted any accessory purchased now.  We joked about how we both like to wait and purchase in the store since we could touch, see and feel them personally.  I confirmed once more that this was NOT the Edge program upgrade and Emma confirmed in deed it was not and that it was the same 2 year contract program that I was on.  At this point we discussed that it would be shipped out 2 day service and I would receive the phone on Monday, April 6th.  I asked her if this also included the AT&T price matching on the phone.  She said no that the phone was $99 but she could send a message to Brianna's supervisor to confirm they would honor the competitive matching.  Emma said that I would receive an email or text message within the next 2 hours with the order confirmation and that I should give it 2-3 hours until I saw it on my on-line account.  I waited 3 hours and never received any form of communication from Verizon.

I am now 2 hours into resolving my issues and am having to call back again because no one from Verizon contacted me as promised.  I called back and was absolutely appalled at the level of customer service I received.  I will not release her name as I feel it is inappropriate in this forum, however I would very much like to discuss when and if I am finally contacted as promised.  To continue, not only was the young lady rude, but she informed me that nothing I had discussed with Brianna or Emma was noted and that there was not order on hold for me.  I asked if I could speak with her supervisor and she said that they were busy and I could not speak to them.  After about 30 minutes of explaining everything to this representative she would speak over me and rudely reply with "you aren't eligible for an upgrade until October"...meanwhile I am still waiting to speak to her supervisor as requested multiple times during this call.  Finally I asked her if she could at least approve the upgrade 2 year plan now and I would pay the $99 for the phone I wanted as I was now 3 hours into resolving and issue.  She put me on hold and magically was able to speak to this supervisor who was initially unreachable for me to speak with...hmmm?  She came back and offered the Edge program.  Now I am beyond frustrated as I have spent hours of my personal time away from my family trying to resolve this issue and she offers me something that is clearly noted in my account that I do not want.  I asked again to speak to her supervisor or any verizon supervisor at this point.  She said that there was only one and they were too busy to speak to me and she could have them call me back.  Well, I've been waiting for someone to call be back for over a day now and still nothing so I asked if I could hold.  She said no that she could have them call me back.  I asked if she could message Emma so that I could speak back to her to see what went wrong or if Emma heard back from Brianna's supervisor yet to approve my holding order.  This rep said they had no way to message other reps nor did she see anything in my account to contact Emma or Brianna.  I asked how Emma was able to do it and if she was saying that Emma flat out lied to me about messaging Brianna's rep.  There is SO much more to this story with this rep, however I believe this is enough to get the point across.  Eventually, I was put on hold by this rep and hung up on...AGAIN.

I called back immediately and was blessed with speaking to Lidia.  She was very kind and attempted to help me resolve these issues.  Eventually she transferred me to her supervisor, Griselda.  Both of these ladies were very compassionate about the way I had been treated by the previous rep and Griselda was concerned that this rep had lied to me about being able to message other reps and the comments made about not speaking to her supervisor.  The bottom line right now is that Griselda says she does not have the authority to provide me with my 2 year upgrade eligibility right now nor is she able to price match without her supervisors approval.  She assured me that her supervisor, Vin, would give me a call on Monday (the very say I was suppose to be receiving my new phone according to Emma).  I asked her to at least pull the phone records from my calls with Brianna and Emma as well as the insanely rude rep to confirm what Verizon has promised me and to right this terrible wrong.  She said she will not be back to work until Wednesday, April 8th and would have to pull the phone records and review them so I wouldn't hear back from her until April 9th.  I sincerely appreciate Griselda and Lidia's efforts.  It is representative and supervisors like Brianna, Emma, Griselda and Lidia who keep me loyal to Verizon Wireless!!

I am asking SOMEONE within Verizon Wireless Customer Service to contact me directly to attempt to resolve this travesty...Verizon Wireless...I am an outstanding customer and provide praise and recommendations to your company for wireless service to the many people I come in contact with...right now...I do not feel valued as a human, much less your have failed me.  I would like for someone to attempt to make this right...

A VERY disheartened and disappointed Verizon Customer,

Karrieanne Keenan

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Re: Request for upper management contact
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Oh my goodness! It sounds as if you have been through a lot with Verizon recently and attempting to get a new phone. I can understand your frustration you have been going through. We greatly appreciate your time and patience as you have been working through this. It does sound as if Griselda is working very closely with you and the calls to research them and get to the bottom of this immediately. I encourage you to wait until you hear back from her. I know she is going to provide you with options to resolve this issue. If you are needing further assistance after speaking to her on Wednesday we encourage you to reach out to us us.

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Re: Request for upper management contact
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Oh, we can nip this in the bud now.

It's highly likely you will not get a call back. You aren't eligible for an upgrade for another 6 months. It does not matter the reason why you want/wish to have a new phone. Your terms and conditions that YOU AGREED TO stipulate this. Options? Do the edge plan, buy 3rd party, borrow a phone from a friend. Otherwise, it's really quite simple. Leave.

Re: Request for upper management contact
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To date I do not have resolution.  I never received a phone call on Wednesday/Thursday from Griselda as she promised.  I did, however receive a phone call from her supervisor on Wednesday at 3:19pm...he left a voice message.  I have been leaving him voice messages and trying to get him to return my call since then..with no response.  I would GREATLY appreciate someone contacting me regarding this horrible mess.  I believe I have been more than patient and am super frustrated at the follow through on this matter.  I am not available on my cell number during working hours due to phone restrictions at my command, however I have provided Vincent (Griselda's supervisor) my direct number on at least 3 voice messages and the hours in which he can contact me there.  I would be happy to provide the same to you in a private message should anyone be willing and able to assist in finally resolving this matter!

Re: Request for upper management contact
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Nothing.? ?? What happened?  Did Verizon ever have a supervisor contact you??  I must know the end of the story. ....

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Wow, Verizon's customer service is an ABSOLUTE joke.  I was chatting with a rep because my phone suddenly stopped service?  I explained that I did all the regular things to fix, turned it off, checked airplane mode, took out & put back in the sim card, & than the Rep went away???   Perhaps another loser working remotely who needed to smoke another joint?  It's been 20 min, I'm still in the chat.  I also called their customer service, they don't want to talk to anyone, after about 5 minutes of prompts & recommendations, ALL of which didn't work, I'm still on hold, it's been  minutes & counting.  I'm definitely switching to AT&T or T-Mobil, this is so pathetic!!!


Re: Request for upper management contact
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