Restoring conversations from SD card in Message+

I moved to a new phone (same model, just a new one of it) and want to restore my conversations to Message+ from my SD card.  I moved the SD card into the new phone and followed the instructions for restoring.  (instructions here:

All of my conversations appear and checkmarks appear beside them asking which to restore.  When I select all and hit "Restore," a notification saying "Restoring, please wait..." appears but hangs indefinitely (like, for hours) on "Restoring conversation 0 of 707."  When I select only one conversation and hit "Restore," it hangs indefinitely on "Restoring conversation 0 of 1."  Help?

Re: Restoring conversations from SD card in Message+
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out. We want to make sure we restore your messages. Can you tell me if you had the messages backed up besides the SD card?