Return address for old phone

I purchased an iPhone 12 through Best Buy (tried to purchase through Verizon, but they flagged my payment method because my card billing info didn't match what was on the account and then they could not grant me access to enter a new payment method after hours of trying so I had to cancel).

I need to return my old phone so I'm not charged for the remaining 50% that has not been paid.  Best Buy didn't supply me with a return envelope like they have in the past, I can't print a label from my Verizon account because I didn't order through Verizon, the chat agent gave me an address to ship to but I want to make sure it is the correct address. I spoke with a phone agent to verify the address and she gave me instructions on how to trade in my phone which is not what I need to do. 

I just need an address to ship my old phone back to so that I am not charged for the remaining 50%.

Re: Return address for old phone
Customer Service Rep

Congratulations on your new phone. We are sorry to hear that getting that great device had you working hard. To return the previous phone, we do ask that it be shipped to:

Returns Processing Center
4801 Mercantile Drive, Bldg. 17
Fort Worth, TX 76190

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