Let just start off by saying that I've been with Verizon for several years. Had multiple phones and never had any problems. However, I'm probably gonna go to a different carrier. I'm never the one to leave bad reviews but today is the exception. First of all, I've used multiple Kyocera phones since I started service. They're glitchy yes, but they were rugged. I got the newest Kyocera Ultra 5G on November 27th. Not because I actually wanted one more Kyocera but I felt rushed at the Verizon Store like I needed to hurry up. I had the phone for a few weeks and it was the glitchiest phone I've dealt with so far. It would freeze and I would have to hard restart it. I would open an app and the touchscreen would spaz out. At one point, I had reach my breaking point and attempted to return it. Got my box the first week and sent it in. On their website, there was a period between Nov 25 and Jan 14 where you could return a device and still get credit for the return. That was in their return policy that they've since changed. Apparently having multiple support chats and receipts to that aren't good enough evidence. They didn't return it but offered $25 and $25 extra for my troubles.  $25 on a BRAND NEW BARELY USED PHONE. Why can't they stand by their policy? If I can't return it tell me that in the first place.  

Re: Return
Customer Service Rep

Hello, bulldog1285. It sounds like you returned your phone during our extended Holiday Return period. Let's help you with the refund issue. We have sent you a Private Message to get started. *Cassie