Returned Phone Showing Up When Attempting a Trade-In

I have been trying to get this issue resolved for almost a year now. I've had numerous chat sessions (useless, since the agents are not empowered to do much of anything) and multiple, extremely long phone calls that either end up with false promises of resolution "within 5 business days" or getting transferred without warning to another rep who has no idea why I'm calling and I need to repeat my story again.

Trying the message board since I don't know where else to turn and I cannot afford to take time out of my work day to sit on the phone for yet another useless hour with a rep who is unable or unwilling to address the issue.

Here's my story. In May 2021, I ordered an iPhone 12 Pro to replace the paid-off iPhone 8 on one our lines. Requesting the trade-in for the iPhone 8 was done as part of the online order for the new phone. The iPhone 12 Pro was received within a few days and after setting it up, my wife decided she did not like it and I made arrangements to return the phone with Verizon after speaking with an agent. This whole received-to-return process was completed within a week's time. 

Fast forward a few months and I'm looking at my account online. I noticed my wife's line is not showing as eligible for an upgrade. It shows the iPhone 8 as associated with that line, and indicates the device is paid off. Here where the fun starts. When I click on Trade In, the screen shows the device on that line as an iPhone 12 Pro with an outstanding balance in the $900 range and states I must pay off this device in order to trade it in.

This when the series of time-wasting chats and phone calls began.

So what is the resolution here? I would like to get rid of this iPhone 8. If I try to do a manual trade-in using the IEMI number, a warning tells me that this phone is already part of a pending trade-in order. I have email confirmation that the iPhone 12 Pro return was received so I am clearly not in possession of that phone, nor is VZW charging me for the 12 Pro on my bill.

Verizon, the ball is in your court. Who can help me resolve this?  

Re: Returned Phone Showing Up When Attempting a Trade-In
Customer Service Rep


dhig This is certainly not the experience you should have. I'm sorry that you have been going back and forth for so long. We have sent you a private message here on this platform so that we can take a look at what is going on. -Dolores