Returned a modem, Verizon charged me for, now disconnected my phone...

I returned a modem, that yes given was a bit later than they wanted, so they charged me $300, I get that, they have the modem back now and are saying 1 - 2 billing cycles to get the charge removed, I unfortunately cant afford an additional $300 right now, so I contact customer service and advise them of the situation, long before anything happens, I am assured that notes are in the system and my lines wont get disconnected if I pay just the bill and not the additional charge... today my lines are disconnected after doing exactly what the rep told me to and I cant get through to anyone to tell them what has happened without paying $300 which I do not have.

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Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Allow us the opportunity to review your options. Please send us a Private Message for review.