Returned phone not acknowledged.....keep being charged
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First off, thank you for listening to my vent.

I thought my present phone was on the blink, so I ordered a new one....a Motorola g7 Power (2021).  It was delivered on June 18. My present phone fixed itself so I returned the new phone on June 24.  I initiated a return on line and printed a label from the Verizon site.  Stupid me forgot to take a picture of the label.  Now I'm paying for that lapse.  Verizon sent me an email acknowledging the return the same day.  If UPS sent Verizon a notice that a shipment was coming, they MUST have a tracking number.

Your return has shipped.
Original order# 11198679
Location code: 0825301
Order placed Jun 23
Return submitted on Jun 23
Jun 23

Return shipped
Jun 24

When the "STATUS" is checked on line, the "REFUND" (the last button) is not checked off.                   

Fast forward 6 weeks.

One agent I talked to did find the missing phone and transferred me to the "Activation" dept who promised to fix my account.   He did not and although I have that dept's phone number, only employees and agents are allowed access. 

I've made numerous calls to Verizon.  I've chatted a number of times.  The best I could do was get the monthly charge credited.  They won't let me speak to a supervisor.  One agent promised a supervisor would call me after he checked the warehouse......NOPE.  No call.

My account now shows this:

not completed
Return items
Device Information
Phone number
IMEI number
Sim number

Although my active phone is a Motorola g7 Power, they are charging me for the Motorola g7 Power (2021).....WHICH I RETURNED!!!

Terrible customer service.  How long does it take to settle a dispute?  I think I'll have to notify the BBB and our local news station which helps with disputes.

I'm so frustrated.  I'm losing sleep over this.





Re: Returned phone not acknowledged.....keep being charged
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UPDATE:  I finally was directed to the billing dept who found the return and fixed my account....I hope.  It will take 10 business days to update.  About 15 hours of my life I'll never get back.  *sigh*

Phone and chat agents should be trained further.  The runaround is not good customer service.

Re: Returned phone not acknowledged.....keep being charged
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Just went through similar event regarding return of a Jetpack that they recalled.  Simply maddening.  Initial Live chat representative's grade - D-.  Only good thing was they supplied a phone number to second party which at least (after dealing with two more agents) was able to confirm that the recalled device had been received.  That group then transferred me back to a Verizon Help Line which bounced me into mobile chat which was either a computer generating responses, or someone that was completely clueless.  Grade for mobile chat - F-.  Jumped back on computer and opened another Live Chat - and again a representative that by the questions asked left me even more concerned (to put it nicely) that I may not have the right provider.  Think in the end they may have corrected the issue though, so will hold off on evaluation of that session until I see the next bill.

Re: Returned phone not acknowledged.....keep being charged
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This definitely isn't the experience we want for you and I'm happy to turn things around. To confirm, are you being credited monthly for the valuation of the original phone? Please provide additional details. We're here to help. -Lorenzo

Re: Returned phone not acknowledged.....keep being charged
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I am having an issue with a returned phone through Wireless Advocates at Costco. 

ITS BEEN 6 WEEKS since I've returned the phone. NOW IM GETTING CHARGED 950$ FOR A PHONE!!!! 

Spoke with representatives and THERES NOTHING THEY CAN DO


Why did I even signed up with Verizon in the first place. There's so many better carriers out there that wouldn't have this huge problem.