Returns and tough time tracking

First, I have been a Verizon customer for more than 25 years.  Recently, I traded in my ipad for a new Samsung laptop that is connected to my data plan.  However, I have chatted  a total of about 5 hours with Verizon about the problem with my ipad tradein.  First, the return box never came, the second box never came.  The third return box I order finally came and I shipped my ipad to Verizon.  My Verizon account says that it has never been shipped or received and now I am threatoned with losing my trade in credit.  After many hours of chatting, I am assured that all is okay, but it isn't.  Several times after long chat times, I get disconnected by Verizon!  What a mess!  I am very frustrated and would like to drop all my services!  I have always paid on time, fulfilled all my agreements with Verizon, and I feel that Verizon could care less!


Re: Returns and tough time tracking
Customer Service Rep

You're over 25 years means the world to us.  We want to ensure we this is resolved ASAP as it has gone on for far too long.  A private message is being sent now to assist you further.-Sean