Robotic sound from text messages
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I was so glad to  hear someone else is having  a similar problem since my last app update . This is so true.  I will be sitting down with  my friends or anywhere I go  this Robotic person reads out my messages and always around others and at church. This is becoming to be embarrassing  and everybody just looks at me.  I have tried powering  my Samsung A14 Android off  to get it to hush. I did call the Verizon helpline chat she did say the app was not compatible  with the update and they want have another update for a while. The robotic voice sounds like it's dragging and garbled and sounds like a drunk. Very scary to hear it. Glad others are having similar problems.  I hope someone has found the solution to this. Help!

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Rech23, we can only imagine how concerning it is to experience this when you are around others. Can you share with us is this when using a texting app that came with your device or with a 3rd Party application that was downloaded to your device? Did we complete any other troubleshooting steps with you when you were previously working with us?