Run Around and Lost in Red Tape
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I don’t really have the time to explain everything that happened here. Long story short that we bought new phones at Verizon and in the process also upgraded our data plan. We were told when we went through this process that the price would be applied later as promised.  I went through multiple escalations with customer service bc our bill is wrong. Finally they said they could do nothing for me and told me I had to contact the customer relations team through regular mail. Yes, you heard me right, regular mail. Anyway, so I sent a letter via snail mail to that address and I haven’t heard anything for weeks. Any idea how to get this resolved?  So tired of dealing w this.

Re: Run Around and Lost in Red Tape
Customer Service Rep

Hi, Timdw5s. We recognize your time is valuable and this is never the experience we want you to have with our promotion. We are here to help and appreciate your efforts in contacting us. I'm happy to work with you to ensure we are able to provide a prompt resolution. What's going on with your account? Please share additional details.