SERIOUS Verizon Unable to Verify my Identity

My parents phone and internet is out.  they have a flip phone, and I have tried to help on my end get onto customer support but their email and phone number to verify our no longer accessible.  They are 83 and 80 years old...pretty dangerous for them at this point.


Please can you help them??

Re: SERIOUS Verizon Unable to Verify my Identity
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You might have to get them to a store and change whatever email address on file to yours. If you're not an account manager, it would be a good idea to get that taken care of too.

Re: SERIOUS Verizon Unable to Verify my Identity
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Hello colleenshields,


I'm so sorry to learn about what's going on with your parents phone and Internet services. We will help as much as we can, I assure you. A big thanks goes out to Tigerstep for providing that helpful information. Please keep in mind that we have access to Verizon Wireless accounts, but not Verizon FiOS. You are able to reach them at this link: When it comes to the Verizon Wireless line, do you have access to their phone(s)? What zip code are they in, and when did this begin? Please share some details, thank you.