SIM-locked Iphone 7
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Dear Sir, Madam,

We have purchased the iphone 7 sometimes ago and the phone is not function with local sim. We are residing in oversea- Malaysia.

Appreciate if you can assist to remover sim-locked for a 5years old phone. 

The Apple site FAQ : The carrier lock is not on the SIM card, it is recorded in Apple’s activation server. You need to contact Verizon and ask them to remove the carrier lock.

IMEI : {edited for privacy}

Please let us know if any. You can reach us at follows:-

If we purchase an verizon prepaid starter pack, would the sim-locked be removed?

[email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]


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Thank you for contacting us. I see that the iPhone 7 is unlocked, but the Find My iPhone feature lock is enabled on that phone. You'll need to disable that in order to be able to activate onto a different phone number from the original phone number it was on. 


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Hello Debbie,

On the iphone it shown the  "Network Provider Lock" Sim Locked.

The device is restricted to the original network provider.

It will be a great help if you can do the necessary change it to "No sim restrictions"

In case if you need the IMEI {edited for privacy} for the process

Your great assistant is much appreciated.

thank you