SMS error ZFold 3 5G MyVerizon App

I am having this issue with my app on my Z Fold 3 5G and I called Customer Support, they moved me to Tier 2 and she hung up on me. 

Is this how customers are treated ? she was very clever, the first "test" text she sent me was about hanging up on someone, 2 minutes into the call, but she hung up 10 minutes in. so her quality will not see that she purposely hung up on a client. and she never called back. she didn't know how to fix the issue and did what the first 2 reps did, who could not solve the issue. VERY disappointing. Still getting the error, although I have reset my password 6 times, checked all my settings, cleared the app caches, uninstalled the my verizon app at least 6 times, and created a minimum of 5 new pin numbers. 

Re: SMS error ZFold3 5G MyVerizon App
Customer Service Rep

@lferrada1 , we apologize in advance for the experience you had on the phone and for the issue you are having with the app. Please allow us the opportunity to help you here. Are you using Wi-Fi when you experience the login issues? Are you able to log in on a PC?