SOLVED: moving ebills to another bank
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I and many others, going back to 2017, had a problem using ebills when we changed banks. Ebills, if you don't know, are a way of having the bill sent to your bank. You handle payment from there so you don't have to give bank account or credit card details to Verizon. I prefer this to AutoPay.After turning off ebills at the old bank we could not turn them on for Verizon at the new bank. 

I am pleased to report I was able to get Verizon to fix this problem for me! The fix neeed is per customer. It is caused by a processing bug but I don't know if they will ever fix that. 

For the customer the problem occurs when they have ebills at one bank and try to move to a different bank. Verizon calls this "home banking" and leaves a record of home banking on your account when you turn off ebills at the old bank. This record blocks turning it on at the new bank.

To get them to fix this, you have to open a ticket and demand they remove the home banking record from your account. This is not something Customer Service people can do themselves so they have to generate an internal ticket to have it done. Once that record is removed you will be able to turn on ebills at your new bank.

It may help to reference the internal ticket used to fix my problem. It is {edited for privacy}. If your customer service person can read that it may help them understand what to do to fix the problem. Lots of customer service people don't know about the home banking feature and confuse it with bill pay. 

Fwiw, the core problem is caused when Verizon does not correctly handle turning off ebills at your old bank. They should remove the home banking record when that happens. But all they do is erase the bank name and leave the record. That is the bug. Fixing that would fix it for everyone going forward. 

In the meantime, if you have this problem, know that it can be fixed and was fixed for me. Best of luck!

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First of all, thank you for posting a resolution to your issue that many seem to have had over the years.  I've been chasing and error/issue as well after changing banks and wanted to follow up with what I found.  For the record, I had ebills with the previous bank, which I canceled prior to trying to re-enroll with the new bank.  Additionally, this method worked fine with fios, but wireless was being painful.

I tried to get online chat support to assist with this, and even gave them the link to this post.  No dice - they just kept sending me back to their ebill/autopay options, seeming to fail to understand this was a bank -> Verizon ebill issue.

I kept fiddling with options within Verizon's billing setup.  First I set up ebill and auto pay (to a credit card) within Verizon.  Then reverted ebill (back to paper) but kept auto pay.  Then re-enabled ebill, and finally disabled autopay.  After that I was able to successfully add Verizon Wireless to my banks ebill (at least it's looking good so far, if it fails at some point I'll report back).

Given all that nonsense, I'm not sure if the solution was just the correct combination, or if all the switching back and forth reset something within their systems.  In other words, if having ebill and no autopay configured within Verizon's portal doesn't work, try flipping them on and off and testing from your bank as you go.

Good luck y'all!